Corporate philosophy

Shinyu Co., Ltd. is a Japanese pearl manufacturer engaged in pearl wholesale business, pearl processing, and overseas import and export.
We want to deliver excellent pearls to the world from Kobe, the city of pearls. I named it "Shinyu" with such thoughts.

Bringing “truly superior pearls” from Kobe to the world

It has been 30 years since our company was established.
In addition, my own pearling business has spanned over 40 years.
The company name "Shinyu" contains the desire to deliver "truly excellent pearls" from Kobe to the world.

We have continued to this day with the desire to deliver superior pearls to the world.

Morpho butterflies are beautiful butterflies with a unique metallic sheen and hue on their wings.
It has been said to be the most beautiful butterfly in the world since ancient times, and many studies have been done on the color of its wings.

It is not the wings themselves that give the wings of Morpho butterflies a metallic color.
In the structure of the wing, the transmission of light and its reflection I know that I can see colors, As a representative of living things with a similar structure Feathers of peacocks, jewel beetles of insects, neon tetras of tropical fish, The beautiful colors of the rainbow in the sky are also visible due to the transmission and reflection of this light.

Like a morpho butterfly that has this structure and shines beautifull We named this beautiful pearl necklace "Morpho Pearl".


Shinyu has exhibited at Hong Kong Jewelery Show, IJK International Jewelery Show, IJT International Jewelery Show and Singapore International Jewelery Show.

Exhibiting at overseas events not only expands our sales channels, but also gives us the greatest opportunity to learn about trends in the jewelry industry.
We strive to deliver the highest quality pearls to buyers from all over the world.